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You’ve Got to Have Heart


Love is in the air and it's time to pull out all the heart stamps and pink inks! February comes with a spark of hope that spring will indeed follow winter's chill.  The weather hasn't changed yet, but spirits begin to change this month and perhaps the crocuses and daffodils will begin to raise their floral heads.

Hearts are in full bloom this month at Stamper's Quest. Not only will we celebrate Valentine's Day, but February is also Heart Awareness month. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women.  One woman in the US dies every minute from a cardiovascular event, and we all need to be aware that many of these events don't have to happen. The American Heart Association website lists symptoms, risk factors, and preventative measures for both men and women. We at Stamper's Quest don't want to lose a single reader to heart disease!

Our designers wear their hearts on their art this month. Be sure to visit every new project; from bitty boxes to bling, these projects and cards are inspired.  Later this month look for the February sketch challenge and some fabulous cards from our readers.  A special guest designer appears during the month, and you never know what other surprises await.

Join Stamper's Quest this month as we wander the trail. It's about art AND heart for the next 28 days! Eat well, live well, and stamp well!

Awaken your muse!

Stephanie Loomis


Stamps by The Stamping Studio

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  1. Welcome Kathie (and Sandy)!! Spread the word and ENJOY!!!!

  2. Thanks cynD, for re-affirming the message that no one is immune from heart disease. Young in years and young at heart--we ALL need to be good stewards of our health!

  3. As a heart attack survivor, I say Kudos to the awarness you are putting forward this month. I am a RED DRESS mama.
    Hearts are a good thing to take care of.
    I was only 47 when I had my heart attack. I was also on the heart transplant list. I have a implanted defibulator and I have gone from 11 % heart function to 35 % and off the trans plant list. Take care of your self and even with a heart attack you too can be a survivor. Take care of your self make note of the symptoms, find out your numbers, and make awarness of your health a priority. If you don't take care of you - no one else will.

    happy stamp~y and health to you... cynD

  4. And we are quite excited to have you here, Kathie! Welcome to the trail. Did you sign up for our subscription service? If not, just go to the left sidebar above the calendar and click on the link. It will take you to the sign up form. Be sure to verify your address when you get the email, otherwise, the service will not become active.

    Poke around and find all the awesome stuff we have - monthly projects by our Artistic Guides, an exclusive card sketch each month, guest designers, weekly blog postings, and our reader's submissions challenge.

    Welcome to the Trail!


  5. I was a the stamping convention in north Atlanta last weekend. You shared your website with my friend, Sandy, and she in turn shared it with me. Thanks. I'm excited to be joining you.