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My Sparkly Valentine for the Adventurer

My Sparkly Valentine for the Adventurer
By: Christine Candora-Hickey, Artistic Guide

Finished card size:  6" x 6"

Heart Medallion (Holly Berry House)
Red, burgundy, pink (two shades) textured cardstock (Bazzil)
White ultrasmooth cardstock (Stampin' Up!)
Embossing Ink (Ranger)
White embossing powder (Stampin' Up!)
Pink and red glitters (Stampin' Up!)
Pop dots (All Night Media)
2-in-1 Glue pen (Sailor)
Scissors (Tonic)
Heat Gun (Milwaukee)
Decorative Scissors (Fiskars)
Wax paper
Removable tape (Tombow)
Tacky Glue (Aleene's)


  1. Begin by stamping the Heart Medallion stamp in embossing ink twice onto red cardstock and twice onto pink cardstock.
  2. Sprinkle with white embossing powder to cover all four images and tap off any extra.  Heat emboss with heat gun.
  3. The Medallion stamps from Holly Berry House are meant to be used in layers.  We will cut out progressive layers from each image to build a 3-dimensional card. 
  4. From the red cardstock: cut out* the first (outermost) layer and the 3rd layer. (*The first layer should be cut out close to the image, but leaving a slight border of cardstock all the way around.  All other layers will be cut out as close to the embossed image as possible without cracking the embossed lines.)
  5. From the pink cardstock: cut out the second layer and center (innermost) layer.
  6. Using the 2-in-1 glue pen, select areas to be highlighted in glitter by coloring them in using the pen.  Be careful to stay within the lines of the embossed image.  The glue will be very liquid and have a blue tint to it when it is applied.  When the glue has gone clear and has a "tacky" appearance, you will be ready to apply the glitter.
  7. Apply red glitter to the highlighted areas of the red cardtock and pink glitter to the highlighted areas of the pink cardstock.
  8. Use a small sheet of wax paper to place over the glittered images and press - this will ensure good adhesion of the glitter to the cardstock.  Tap off any extra glitter.

We will now work in constructing the medallion from the bottom up.

  1. Take the largest red layers and mount to a piece of white cardstock using removable tape.  Cut around the image leaving one-eighth of an inch all the way around. 
  2. Remove the medallion layer and replace the removable tape with pop dots.  Remount to the white cardstock.  Each layer will now be mounted to the next using pop dots.  The largest pink layer will be next, followed by the smallest red layer and lastly topped with the smallest pink layer in the center.
  3. Prepare the card base.  Onto a 6" x 6" red cardstock base, adhere pieces of cardstock each being smaller than the previous in this order: burgundy, pink (with a decorative edge made by using decorative scissors), pink (a slightly different shade), and burgundy again.
  4. Apply a small amount of tacky glue to the back of the constructed medallion and apply to the center of the built-up card base.
  5. Don't forget to sign your work!

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  1. Thank you ladies! Your comments made my day 🙂

  2. Wonderful work. I have added this card to my Favorites. Just lovely.

  3. What a beautiful card. love it !

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