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Robin’s Nest Dew Drops Product Review

Robin's Dew Drops Product Review
By: Susan Caplan, Backpack Guru

A friend of mine had purchased and used Dew Drops in a card she had made and I was fascinated by these tiny colored acrylic embellishments. So, I just had to buy some for myself. 

Finding these little morsels was not an easy feat, as my local stamp and scrapbook stores did not have them.  So, the next best thing was to find them on the internet.  I was very surprised that these little bottles filled with a variety of colors were fairly expensive, nearly $6 per bottle.  Yikes!  I started out with 3 different color varieties. 

Well, my first impression was that the colors are beautiful in the bottles.  So, when I used my first one, I was shocked that these acrylic drops are not opaque.  They are translucent, so light shines through them.  Not only light, but whatever color cardstock they are adhered to, can change the color of the dew drop.  For example, if I use a yellow dew drop, and place it on blue cardstock, the dew drop appears green!  NOT what I had hoped for.  Also, I found that the color didn't run consistently through the drop. In each drop, there were splotches of color in parts and other parts with very little color.  Hmmm.

Since these drops are acrylic, and I wanted to have them appear more opaque, I tried using a permanent marker (water based rubs off), on the flat bottom of the drop.  After I colored the bottom of one dew drop I let it dry for a minute and then placed it down on my card side by side with an un-marked drop for a side-by-side comparison.  The marked dew drop was indeed much more vibrant in color and appeared to hold its color much better when placed on different cardstock. Brilliance inks also work when heat set, but be careful not to heat the dew drop too long as it is acrylic and can melt.

I really like the idea of these acrylic embellishments, but I am disappointed by the color quality within each drop.  I am also disappointed that they don't stay "true" to their color when placed on anything but white cardstock.  Would I recommend them? I wouldn't say go rush out and buy them, but having a bottle or two, why not, as long as you know the fault that lies within them.

I give this product a C.



 Birthday Gift Card Holder
By:  Susan Caplan, Backpack Guru

Finished Card Size: 4.25" x 5.5"

Cupcake, background, Celebrate (Inkadinkado)
Happy Birthday (Stamp Cabana)
Lime, pink, turquoise, white, black (Stampin' Up!)
Background (Autumn Leaves)
Gable Green dye ink pad (Stampin' Up!)
Black dye ink pad (Tsukineko)
Flower punches
Dew Drops (Robin's Nest)
Embossing Powder
Tacky Glue (Aleene's)
Glue stick ( Stampin' Up!)
Crystal Lacquer (Sakura)
Stickles glitter glue (Ranger)
Pop dots


  1. Score an 8.5" x 4 " piece of lime green card stock at the 5.375" mark. Fold, and stamp various background stamps in gable green on front flap. Adhere to front flap of an 8.5" x 4.25" black folded card.  Layer black ribbon on front flap, as shown.
  2. Punch two large and small flowers from decorative paper. Adhere a small flower onto a larger flower with glue. Adhere a Dew Drop in the center of each flower with glue, allow to dry.
  3. Score a 6" x 3.625" piece of decorative paper at the 2.5" mark. Adhere to center of green card stock, decorative side down. (When folded the decorative side should be viewable from the front of the card.)
  4. Cut a rectangle of turquoise card stock and stamp background with turquoise ink. Layer onto slightly larger black rectangle. Adhere to front flap of decorative paper, as shown.
  5. Stamp and emboss "Happy Birthday" with black ink and embossing powder onto white card stock. Punch out with label punch. Adhere to decorative paper and trim with decorative edge scissors.
  6. Adhere flowers on front flap as shown with glue, and adhere sentiment with pop dots for dimension.
  7. Stamp cupcake onto a piece of background paper. To create 'sprinkles' on the frosting, add dots of Stickles glitter glue. When the glue is dry, add Crystal Lacquer to the frosting.
  8. For the inside of the card, cut a pink piece of card stock into a 3.5" square. Apply to inside of (wrong side) of decorative edge paper.
  9. Trace a pattern of the coin envelope onto decorative paper. Cut out, and assemble into envelope. Stamp "Celebrate" with black ink. Apply envelop to a slightly larger piece of white card stock and layer onto a slightly larger piece of black card stock. Adhere all to center pink panel.
  10. Now you can slide a gift card into the envelope. Enjoy!

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  1. I actually like the product, I have used it to make my scrapbook pages have a subtle depth. I just didn't want every one to have a negative attitude about it.

  2. Hi! I read all your wonderful thoughts! I have one more to add.... 🙂
    Do as the ladies said on here, do the hot glue gun, etc. HOWEVER, I found a little trick (this takes practice... took me about a half an hour to get it down, lol) take a hole puncher and punch out holes of the colors that you want. place the punches down on the mat, and drop li'l drops of hot glue onto these dots! it works a li'l better if you use medium heat on your gun, because the hot setting runs too quickly and the low setting doesn't allow the drops to drop neatly. Experiment with your own hot glue gun. ANYHOW, lol..... I can't believe how AWESOME these looked. I next started experimenting with all kinds of things! I started picking up li'l flower punches and covering these, lol.... fun fun....
    Hope I added a li'l bit to your wonderful ideas.... emilyd0615 is my ebay ID... You will see some of these used in my projects 🙂

  3. I too, just last week, made my own with a glue gun and clear glue stick and they worked wonderfully. I used alcohol inks (a bunch of different colors) to color them and reading that the original dew drops have splotchy coloring, makes me very pleased with what I made. The color isn't solid but looks just like they should. A LOT cheaper for sure. Try opaque/white glue sticks instead of clear glue sticks and color. Even try glitter glue sticks. So many inexpensive options and NO shipping costs.

  4. Thanks for the review - I also had problems with them and was a bit disappointed - My problem is that I had used them with Zip Dry and the colors ran! So not only are the colors inconsistent as you noted - they lost their color when I adhered them!
    I like the concept - they are a neat shape - if only I can get them to maintain their color!

  5. Why not just make your own? Using a glue gun, drop small round splotches (this takes some practice) onto a heat-resistant surface and allow to harden. Once hardened, shake them in a tiny plastic bag along with a drop or two of ALCHOHAL ink refillers. Lay them on a piece of wax paper to dry. Cheaper and make just the amount and color you want. I've only made blue ones for a blue background so can't guarantee how other colors would do.

  6. I was convinced I didn't want them when I read your comment that they changed color on the different colors of cardstock. Thanks for a great review. $6.00 is a hefty price. Whew!

  7. Wow - Thanks for providing an honest product review - so often we only hear great praises for a product only to be disappointed when you get it home. It's nice to know what you're getting.

  8. I'm in COMPLETE agreement ... I've had much better results purchasing the clear acrylic 'drops' at Micheals (for FAR less money), and coloring them with markers.

    Too much hype, too little product.

  9. I totally agree with you about these little 'bellies'! First of all, I would never be able to use all the drops in a bottle, and secondly, there just isn't enough color. I think someone has an recipe for making their own 'raindrops,' don't they?