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Shattered Glass Tank Top for the Inventor

Shattered Glass Tank Top for the Inventor
By: Stephanie Loomis, Artistic Guide

Abstract Flowers (The Stamping Studio)
Fabrico Black ink (Tsukineko)
Reinkers:  Brilliance (Tsukineko)
    Moonlight White
    Pearlescent Yellow
    Sky Blue
VersaMagic (Tsukineko)
    Aloe Vera
    Pixie Dust
Blue painter's tape (home improvement store)
Fabric Medium (Liquitex)
Palette or plastic plate to use for paint
Make up wedge (discount store)
Paintbrushes of varying sizes 1" and smaller
Pressing cloth or clean copy paper
Cotton tank or tee shirt-washed without fabric softener and dried in a dryer to pre-shrink.
Cardboard (scrap is fine, as it is to give the shirt stability while painting and stamping.)


  1. Place cardboard into shirt making sure the shirt is smooth. Tape the shirt to your table. (The last thing you want is your shirt sliding around!)
  2. Use the tape to mark out a section of the shirt for your design. The design should be centered slightly higher than the bottom of the arm hole. (Use your favorite graphic tee to help with design placement.
  3. Tear the tape into jagged strips of varying lengths.
  4. Apply strips inside your marked section. Determine a "strike point" before beginning and let your tape radiate from there.  (If you look at shattered windows or mirrors, you'll see that all the shattering emanates from a single spot. This is the strike point: the place where whatever hit the glass impacted.
  5. The fun begins with creating a background. Mix equal parts of blue reinker and fabric medium. A little goes a long way, so start with just drops of each-I usually start with about 10 drops of each. Begin at the edges of your marked section and paint toward the center. Add more fabric medium and a drop of white reinker as you run low of paint until your center section is nearly all white. Let dry.
  6. Mix pink paint with the same technique as the blue. (I started with 7 drops of reinker and 7 drops of fabric medium.)
  7. Paint color directly on the plain flower stamp. Press into shirt. Let dry and repeat-two coats will cover better than one.
  8. Continue to paint flowers, stems, and leaves until you are satisfied with the result. Let dry completely.
  9. Over-stamp flowers, stems, and leaves using the text versions of the stamp set and the black Fabrico ink.  If any of your flowers overlap, mask off the overlapped area with plain paper before stamping so that one flower appears to be in front of the other. Let dry. 
  10. Peel tape from shirt, revealing your shattered glass. 
  11. Cover the design with a pressing cloth or clean copy paper and heat set with an iron on medium-high heat. Let cool.
  12. Remove cardboard insert and wear your art!

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  1. This technique is perfect for totes and bags!

  2. Oh so clever... I have not made wearable art, but I have on totes.. thinking.. Thanks

    happy stamp~y