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Faux Ripped Wallpaper for the Adventurer

Faux Ripped Wallpaper for the Adventurer
By: Melanie Smith, Artistic Guide

This month I made three cards in different styles using the same basic technique (masking) and the same four stamps.  See my other designs for the Discoverer and Inventor.

The basis of this technique is to mask off sections with a paper mask in a “Grid technique.” Sponge colour into the space left by the mask and stamp while the mask is still in place  to keep each image within the coloured section.  Each  section is done in a sequence to make it look like many layers.

Lion AAA45L (Rubbadubbadoo)
Toi toi C389T (Rubbadubbadoo)
Shadow Tree 3 (D592SRubbadubbadoo)
Birthday Block AAA78B (Rubbadubbadoo)
Smooth white cardstock 4.25" x 5.5"
Black cardstock  8.25" x  5.5"
(folded in half)
Black Archival ink pad (Ranger)
Adirondack ink pads: Butterscotch, Red Pepper, Lettuce, Wild Plum (Ranger)
Double-sided tape
Scrap paper - the smoother the better – for 2 masks measuring 5" x 7"
Repositionable glue stick (optional)
AM008 - Med African Profile
mould  (Krafty Lady)
Brown Make'n' Bake (Dukit)
Copper Metallics Marker (Marvy)
Cutting tools
Stamp positioner


Mask Preparation:

  1. Take one piece of the scrap paper and rip horizontally in three even(ish) pieces. Label them (A) top, (B) middle and (C) bottom.
  2. With the other piece of scrap paper rip in half lengthways. Label the left (X) and the right piece (Y).


  1. Lay horizontal mask (B) across the middle of the white cardstock.  Use piece (Y) to mask just over half of the white cardstock showing.
  2. Stamp the ‘Toi toi’ image with Black ink.
  3. Sponge Lettuce ink around all edges and softly in the middle.
  4. Remove the vertical mask (leave horizontal mask in place).
  5. Use mask (X) to expose the bottom right corner of the card. Sponge Butterscotch ink around the edges.
  6. Mask across the top right corner with (X). Sponge with Butterscotch and Red Pepper ink. Stamp Lion’s head in corner. Remove masking.
  7. Use mask (Y) to cover top right corner and add horizontal mask (B) to expose top left of the card.
    Sponge with Butterscotch and Wild Plum ink. Stamp the Shadow tree.
  8. Mask off all coloured areas [With (A), (C) and(X) masks]. Stamp the Birthday block with stamp positioner and Butterscotch ink as shown.
  9. Mask to expose the bottom right corner and add some more Butterscotch sponging (optional).
  10. Trim entire image to size and mount on folded Black card.


  1. Use an African woman bust art mould from Krafty Lady and Brown Du-kit oven bake clay to make an embellishment.
  2. Following manufacturer's directions, soften a small amount of clay between your fingers and press into the mould.
  3. Bake for 10 minutes at 130 degrees Celsius (260-270 F).
  4. When cooled remove from the mould and highlight the raised areas with a Metallic pen.
  5. Attach the embellishment to the bottom right corner with double-sided tape or strong glue.

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  1. there are so many directions one could go with this idea!
    You have my brain cells buzzing.