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December Guest Artist – Chris Herrmann

Meet Chris Herrmann, our Guest Designer this month.  Chris is a sales representative for Ranger Industries, Inc., which manufactures such products as the Adirondack line of ink pads and alcohol inks, Stickle's Glitter Glue, and its new Claudia Hellmuth line of products, just to name a few. Check out a technique developed by Chris on the Ranger website:  http://rangerink.com/. When you arrive at the website, click on the project instructions for the beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Chris is a multi-media artist, using all types of art supplies to create her works of art.  She also teaches classes at her local stamping and scrapbooking stores. Chris has been published in such magazines as Scrapbook.com and Vamp Stamp News. She also appeared on the Carol Duvall Show.

Check out Chris's website, My Corner of the World at  http://mycorneroftheworld.site.io for inspiring artwork!

We hope you enjoy Chris's project created just for you.

I really enjoy creating and trading ATCs, but am always stumped when it come time to transport them to a trade. I came across this little book in a 99-Cent store. It was created to hold Zatchbell cards. There are several websites for these cards, but I didn't find any mention of this book on it. The book is perfect for ATCs; it has 16 plastic sleeves and will hold 32 cards, 2 in each sleeve.

Here are the directions and supplies for altering this little book. You can take this technique and apply it to any pre-made book, decorating it to make it your own!

By: Chris Herrmann, Guest Artistic Guide

Stamps from Another Stamp Company in Bay Head, NJ
Adirondack Inks: Butterscotch, Latte, Lettuce, Terra Cotta (Ranger)
Jet Black Archival Ink Pad (Ranger)
1 book that holds trading cards
foil tape
Alcohol Blending Solution (Ranger)
Alcohol Ink Applicator and felt (Ranger)


  1. Apply a drop or two of Lettuce, Butterscotch and Latte Alcohol Inks to felt on applicator, placing colors next to each other, but not touching.
  2. Apply inks to foil tape by tapping applicator onto foil. Cover foil completely with inks.
  3. Add Blending solution to inks on felt and tap all over foil again.
  4. When dry, cut foil into different shapes and pieces. Remove backing and place on book, overlapping if desired.
  5. Using Jet Black Archival ink, stamp desired images onto foil pieces. The ink will take a while to dry so be careful not to smudge it.

There you have it! A convenient place to either store your ATCs or to transport them to trade.

Editor's Note:  ATCs are Artist Trading Cards. They must measure 2.5" x 3.5". A hard fast rule of ATCs is that they must be traded and never sold. Here are a couple of websites that explain ATCs and discuss the history of these little gems:

Artist Trading Cards
(The original ATC website)

Art in Your Pocket:

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  1. I have found the tape at the hardware store - woohoo. Off to play now.

  2. Miss seeing you at XPEDX.

    My eyes are even older than Chia's so I need larger photos.

    Love your IIdea

  3. Chia -

    I'm sorry for the size of the photos. I have asked Chris if she can send me larger files. As soon as I receive them, I will change the photos so folks can see the detail.

    Thanks for the request!

  4. So this is why you've been so quiet lately. 🙂 It looks great, Chris.

    Bea, Can you link to larger images so we can see the detail better? My eyes aren't as young as they use to be! LOL

  5. Great idea. Thanks for the idea Chris.

  6. Melanie -

    You should be able to find the foil tape in any hardware store. It is actually used for sealing vents for furnace ducts. It's shiny silver on one side and sticky on the other.

  7. I'm off to find a hobby shop to buy an ATC book now. Is the foil tape from a specialty or hardware shop?

  8. Robin - I occasionally have problems with accessing Chris's website. I just checked the link out and it is working. Try again!

  9. Chris, you do such beautiful art and deserve being a guest artist on
    this beautiful magazine...Hugs..Joe

  10. http://mycorneroftheworld.site.io this didn't work.
    I love the little holder and would like to see more of her work. I went to http://www.mycorneroftheworld.com and it wasn't the right one either.
    Thanks for the wonderful guest artist you guys are putting on I am enjoying looking daily.