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Holiday Blizzard Project – Regena’s Shrink Plastic Bracelet

Shrink Plastic Flowers Bracelet and Earrings
By: Regena, Artistic Guide

Finished size:  7.5"

Blossoms Cube (Serendipity Stamps)
Brilliance ink pads - Pearlescent Jade, Moonlight Silver and Pearlescent Coral (Tsukineko)
Black Shrink Plastic (LuckySquirrel.com)
Cutterbee Scissors (EK Success)
Heat Tool (Milwaukee)
Blow Dryer (Optional)
Crystal Stickles Glitter Glue (Ranger)
Large (.25") Hole Punch
Wooden Skewer (Dollar Store)
Approximately 16 "5mm" Jump Rings and 1 "4mm" (Michaels)
Small Lobster Claw Clasp w/tab (Michaels)
1 Pair of Earring Wires (Michaels)
2 Pairs of Chain nose Pliers-optional to open jump rings (Beadalon)


  1. Stamp the blossoms in each color of Brilliance ink on the black shrink plastic, until you have 12 images. If your inks are new or very wet, you'll need to let the images dry for a few hours, or you can speed up the drying time with a hairdryer.
  2. When the images are dry, cut them out and punch two holes in opposite petals in 10 of the images and one hole in the remaining two.   Photo 2 shows the image before and after shrinking.
  3. Shrink according to directions with either the heat tool or bake in an oven.  If you use a heat tool, hold the plastic still (so it doesn't blow away) with the wooden skewer by placing the point of it in front of the hole (not in the hole or it may stick).  It will curl first but it flattens as it continues to shrink.  Have a wood mounted stamp or block handy to flatten it as it cools.
  4. Once all the pieces have cooled, press the backs of the flowers onto the Brilliance pads to dress up the back of your bracelet and heat set the inks. 
  5. Lay out the flowers to determine the order you want the colors in and to check the length.  Set aside two sets for the earrings (see step 7) The flowers shrink to approximately .875".  Eight links joined with jump rings comes to 7.25".  With a small .25" lobster claw clasp and tab, it will be 7.5".  You can make it smaller or larger by either dropping or adding a flower and then using a different size clasp with additional jump rings.
  6. Twist open a jump ring and, holding two petals back to back with the holes lined up, join the two and twist the jump ring closed.  Repeat this until all links are joined.  Add the lobster claw clasp with another 5mm jump ring and the 4mm ring at one end and the tab with a 5mm ring at the other end.
  7. For each earring, you'll need one flower link with two holes and one with one hole.  Join as before for the bracelet.  The flower with one hole will be the bottom link.  Attach a second jump ring to the top flower.  This will then get attached to an ear wire with another jump ring (after sealing).
  8. Add a dot of Crystal glitter glue to the flower centers and let dry.  Seal the entire bracelet and earrings with a couple light layers of a spray sealer. You can sign (or initial) the back of the bracelet on one of the links with a metallic Sharpie (before you seal it).
  9. Wear your new works of art proudly and prepare to make more for family and friends (or maybe even for sale)! 

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  1. this is just adorable. Creative, innovative, thats the Questies

  2. Oh Regina - you have outdone yourself - I love this!

  3. This is very cute and I have all the supplies to try it!!! Now all I have to do is find the time.