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Holiday Blizzard Project – Melanie’s Desk Calendar

Desk Calender
Sing it Loud, Sing it Strong... All Year Long
By Melanie Smith, Artistic Guide

This quick simple gift can be themed towards anyone.  I think it would be effective made with an inspirational saying or picture of the grand kids.  I have made this one for my Mum as she loves all that old blues music and I imagine she would be able to use it at work every day- so if you're looking at this Mum - Merry Christmas.

(All measurements are height x width and generally not crucial, so long as they give a well balanced finished product)

Finished front size: 3.8" x 8.25"

Billie Holiday, Plate 80, April in Paris, (Non-Sequitur)
Vellum 3.25" x 3.25"
Black cardstock 11" x 8.25"
Cream Music, 3.5" x 7.8" (Creative imaginations)
4 sheets copy paper to print Calendar
A scrap of White cardstock for binding .25" x 3.56"
Black Archival ink (Ranger)
Black soot distress ink, (ranger)
Caramel, Raisin, Stonewashed Alcohol inks (Ranger)
4 brads
Staples, double sided tape (6mm), med. tip paint brush
Cutting and scoring tools


  1. Stamp "Billie" with Black archival ink into the centre of the Vellum.
  2. Paint Alcohol Ink on to the front and back of the image. It will buckle, but by adding colour on to both sides, it will balance the wrinkling and adds interest to the finished piece.  Follow the natural lines of the image as the brush strokes are visible (but it does not need to be perfect).
  3. Using scrap copy paper, make a mask for "Billie's" face and set aside until construction.


  1. Print the PDF file provided here -  deskcalendar2009.
  2. Trim around each month.  1/8" of lines printed around side and bottom and 5/8" (.13" x .63") from top line.
  3. Pile months up in order and staple along the top edge.
  4. With the scrap of White cardstock, make a little binding edge to cover the staples and attach with double-sided tape.


  1. Score the Black card at 5.5 ".
  2. Flip over and score at .5", 4.5", 6.5", and 10.75".
  3. Fold valley in the middle and mountains on all other folds.
  4. Tape the first .25"edge back on itself to the main card and then tape the other edge to the first one aligning the top edges together well.  This leaves a really nice back which can be decorated also, if desired.


  1. Sponge Soot ink around the edges of the music sheet.
  2. Attach the calendar with 2 strips of tape along the top edge, leaving an even border of music sheet on all three sides.
  3. Attach the mask to the back of the Vellum with tiny pieces of tape on the black lines of the image.
  4. Attach the Vellum to the music paper with brads.
  5. Step back admire proudly and wrap it quickly (or you just may want to keep it for yourself).

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7 Responses »

  1. Dear Mel 2 and all other SQ readers,

    There is an error in the original pdf posted with this project - which has now been replaced. If you have already printed the pdf, please check the dates for April (it should have 30 days) . If your copy is incorrect please print the new pdf and replace the months of April through to August (page 2 and 3 of pdf). Please accept my humble apologies for this oversight.

    Some calendar pages have the last day or two of the month included on the top left of the page. I have done this where there would otherwise need to be extra lines added, to accommodate the last couple of days. This is common on the calendars we have down here in New Zealand. If there are any requests, I can change this to a more Northern Hemisphere friendly calendar.

    Thank you for checking out my project, I hope you are inspired by the projects being released leading up to Christmas.


  2. The art work on this calendar is amazing! I absolutely love this calendar and would like to make many of them. However the months of the calendar are not correct. Sept, Apr, June and Nov should have 30 days. And I don't understand the beginning of the month with the numbers at the end of the month. Is there another site for a calendar about the same size? I have to run to Office Depot but as soon as I get back I'm gonna start on the artwork part. Thanks for showing me what can be done to add some real style to a calendar. Mel 2

  3. Willow - You can send your calendar to stampersquest@yahoo.com. That's our email address. I am in the midst of setting up a new gallery for our Sketchbook. I haven't had time to get it finished due to our Blizzard promo. If you send your share - I promise I will get it into the new Sketchbook (gallery) as soon as I can get it completed. Or you can send it to my private email - you have that one. Either will work.

    Thanks for sharing your work with all of us. I can hardly wait to see it. Knowing you, you have done an awesome job!


  4. Melanie I wanted to let you know I completed my interpretation of your desk calender...I love it and wanted to share it with you but do not see a reader's gallery...Is there one on this site??

  5. this calendar is absoutely fantastic!!!
    as I type....I'm printing!!!
    thank you so much.

  6. That is just a beautiful calendar!!! Thanks for sharing the techniques involved. I printed out the calendar and now just have to "build" the base!!! It will be a cute present for someone in my family!! Thanks again!!


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