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Holiday Blizzard Project – Jennifer’s Vintage Cookbook

This special book really takes the cake for a creative and personal gift idea. Jennifer's directions are so good that you'll find yourself making multiples in a variety of themes for everyone on your list!

Vintage Recipe Book
By: Jennifer Willis, Artistic Guide

Little Chef (Crafty Secrets)
2 Sheets Red Gingham, 12"x12", (Masterpiece Studios)
Staatsburgh, 12" x 12", (7 Gypsies)
Legacy Collage Grandfather's Farm, 12"x12", (Design Originals)
Red Polka Dot, 12" x 12", (Daisy D's)
Classroom Stripe, 12" x 12" (Daisy D's)
3 Sheets Green Card Stock, 8.5" x 11" (Unknown)
3 Sheets Off White Card Stock, 8.5" x 11 (Unknown)
Dark Brown (Colorbox)
Found Objects (Unknown)
Liquid Adhesive (Tombow)
Wonder Tape (Suze Weinberg)
Collage Sheet Images (QwikArt, Limited Editions)
Homemade Images and Journal Notes (Crafty Secrets)
What's Cookin' Card Stock Stickers (Crafty Secrets)
Paper Trimmer (Purple Cows)
Scissors (EK Success)
Knife (X-Acto)
Old Book
Ribbons and Fiber Scraps
Metal Bottle Cap


  1. Remove the pages from the book.
  2. Measure the inside liner paper and cut the Red Gingham print to fit. Age the paper with the Brown ink pad by rubbing the pad directly on the paper with streaks and swirls. Finish preparing the liner paper by randomly stamping images from the Little Chef set.
  3. Using the liquid adhesive, attach the liner to the inside of the book covering the existing paper.
  4. To create the inner pockets of the book, measure the cover of the book, add 1" to the width measurement and divide the height measurement in half. Cut two pieces from the Red Gingham paper using these measurements. For example, the book measures 5" x 7", two strips of paper 6" x 3.5" will be needed.
  5. Age with Brown ink and randomly stamp the Little Chef images all over the Red Gingham paper strips.
  6. On the short edge of one end of a Red Gingham paper make a .25" fold from front to back. Repeat folding from back to front and again from front to back to create an accordion-like pleat. Repeat this step on each of the three remaining short ends of the papers.
  7. At the bottom of each of the Red Gingham pockets make a .25" fold from front to back. Adhere a strip of wonder tape to the visible folded edges on the back side of each of the pockets.
  8. Attach a pocket to both sides of the inside of the book cover, aligning with the outer and bottom edges of the liner paper.
  9. To finish the book cover, cut a strip of paper to fit the spine and attach with adhesive. Age with the Brown ink and attach stickers to title and adorn.
  10. To create the inserts cut the Green card stock to fit within the pockets, for example the inserts for the 5" x 7" book will measure 3.75" x 6".
  11. Attach printed papers to the front of each of the inserts in a collage manner. Distress the edges of the inserts with the metal bottle cap and age with the Brown ink.
  12. Adhere images and journaling blocks to each of the insert fronts and embellish with found objects. The back of each of the inserts are completed with Off-white card stock and recipes.
  13. Place three inserts into each pocket of the book.

Enjoy sharing!

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  1. Thank you so much for you kind words. This book is a really easy gift to make and will be a wonderful keepsake.

  2. What a smashing idea...wooo.. the possibilities. ty for getting the creative juices a flowin'.

  3. Great book. Just what I want to make for my daughter.
    Tahnks for the wonderful ideas.

    Mary Jane