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Regena’s Stuffed Holiday Ornament

Manger Scene Stuffed Ornament
By: Regena, Artistic Guide

Holiday Stuffing

I know, it's a crazy title, but, that's what this post is about.  Stuffing.  But it's ornaments we're 'feeding' for this project, not ourselves!  Now that we've survived Thanksgiving here in the good ol' USA, we're turning our thoughts to holiday decorations.

This idea came to me as I was perusing numerous holiday magazines for something new and different to do for the tree.  Somehow the idea of pizza popped into my head and as I was considering running out for one, I remembered a commercial for a stuffed crust pizza.  Then it hit me!  What about stuffed ornaments?!  It didn't seem like a hard thing to do, and as it turns out, it's not!

My first thought was, what stamp would make an interesting ornament and not involve a lot of work (in case I decided to make a ton of them!).  I pulled out some of my Christmas stamps and decided I'd try the Manger image from Impression Obsession.  It's easy enough to cut out fairly quickly and it's a nice size (about 3 inches), so it won't get lost hanging on a Christmas tree.

This is a very easy project, so anyone can make these and they'd even make nice little gift toppers.  The supplies needed are very simple:

Impression Obsession Manger stamp

Impression Obsession Manger stamp

Manger stamp (Impression Obsession)
2 - 4" squares of coordinating background papers (for the front and back)
Pemanant Black Dye Ink of your choice
2 Eyelets and an eyelet setter
1/8" hole punch
Stickles Glitter Glue for accents
Any white glue (even Elmer's glue will do for this project)
Bugle Beads or seed beads for the tassel
Needle and thread (make sure the needle fits your beeds)
Coordinating ribbon
1 tissue (or a small amount of batting if you have any)


  1. Stamp the image with Black ink on the front of the paper you want to be the front of your ornament.  
  2. Stamp the image again on the BACK of the coordinating paper.  Cut out both images.  The second image won't show, you need it to get the matching reverse 'shape' for the back of the ornament.

  3. Add Glitter Glue accents and let dry.
  4. Carefully run a bead of glue around the inside edge of the back image, leaving about a 2" space at the top (for stuffing). 
  5. Carefully match the front to the back, making sure you have complete coverage around the edges.  Remember to leave an opening at the top!
  6. Tear the tissue into small pieces and loosely stuff them into the ornament.  Don't pack it tight or it will get too disorted.  You just want to make it 'puffy'!
  7. Seal the opening.
  8. When the glue has dried, punch a hole in the top and bottom and then set the eyelets.
  9. Make a simple tassel with your beads (or buy one!) and attach it to the bottom of the ornament.
  10. Attach the ribbon to the top, tie it in a bow and you're done! 
  11. Sign the back of it and it's ready to hang on your tree or embellish a gift, a wreath, a mantle, wherever you want to put it!

Happy stamping!

Later on this week I'll have some ideas for making jewelry with Shrink Plastic!  Come back for more quick and easy holiday projects!

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  2. Stunning ornament ..you are amazing. ty for sharing.