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Feedburner and Our RSS Feed

Hi Folks -

I just reviewed our list of folks who have signed up to receive updates for the website and blog and have noticed a reoccurring problem. I would like to take a minute and explain how the email update service works.

Our RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service is through Feedburner. Signing up is quite simple.  Just click on the "Subscribe Me Now" located in the left sidebar (right above the calendar). A box will pop up and all you need to do is enter your information in the box to sign up for the update service. 

There is one more step to complete in order to receive the email updates. You must verify that you signed up to receive the updates. If you do not complete the verification process you will not receive the updates.

I mention this because there are a number of folks who have signed up for the RSS service (and thank you for doing that!), but have not completed the verification step.  I just wanted to remind you that this step must be completed.  If you have any questions concerning our RSS service, please let us know.

Happy Trails -

Bea Rosenleaf, Publisher

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