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Tennis Couture?

Tennis Couture

So, today I was browsing through one of my tennis magazines (and if you know me, you'll understand just how rarely I have time to browse anything!) and I happened across an ad that made me laugh out loud. I'm pretty sure the firm that came up with the ad did not mean it for a humorous effect, but I just couldn't help it. The ad was for a brand of tennis outfits, but what made me laugh was the photography. Beautiful models, full make up, sensuous lips, and long hair blowing against a neon backdrop. I highly doubt any of the models have ever set foot on a tennis court. I know for sure that when I play tennis, there's absolutely no glamour involved. Most of the ladies I play with are like me: no makeup, baseball cap over ponytailed hair, and certainly no wind machines--that would throw off the game!

Once I got over my giggles, I decided to make a "haute couture" card of my own--only my models would show off evening wear among racquets and balls. The card was not difficult enough to merit full instructions, but was mostly just a matter of stamping each image twice: once on white cardstock and once on patterned. I Tennis magazine inspirationcolored the hair and skin of the white cardstock images, and cut out the dresses from the patterned. A little liquid glue, and my lovely models were ready to be courtside. I mimicked the magazine ad backdrops with shiny papers, and cut out tennis racquets from the magazine itself. The balls were made with a hole punch--punching through a photo of a tennis ball from the magazine as well.

I had fun, got a giggle out of it, and was inspired by a source I hadn't considered before!

Stamps: The Angel Company
Paper: Heidi Grace Designs, Somerset, Marco's papers

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Stephanie Loomis

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  1. Too funny!!! That would have given me a chuckle too!! Great interpretation!! I think you should send it to the tennis wear company!!! LOL...

  2. sorry...piecing!

  3. gave me a really good chuckle! like the pattern peicing too!
    tfs, sandyh

  4. This is great Stephanie. I love that set from TAC. Love the idea of stamping on patterned paper and cutting out the dress.