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Running in Circles

Shapes are a great place to find inspiration. Complex shapes become backgrounds, simple shapes become card elements or even whole cards. This card was inspired by a plate of spaghetti. I love the shapes formed by the noodles on the plate and there are days when my brain seems loose and loopy like those noodles. Today, I needed this card!



Stamp (Repeat Impressions)
4" x 8" white cardstock
Tacky Glue (Aleene's)
Three colors of craft thread (DFN)
Palette Ink in Raw Sienna and Burnt Umber (Stewart Superior)
scrap cardstock in brown and white


1. Fold 8" cardstock to create a 4" x 4" card.
2. Swirl glue in random circles over card front.
3. Cut varying lengths of craft thread and place over glue, creating a "spaghetti effect."
4. Stamp image with Burnt Umber ink on scrap cardstock. Tear around sentiment.
5. Drag sentiment edges through Raw Sienna ink.
6. Layer sentiment onto brown scrap cardstock. Tear around edges. Ink edges if desired.
7. Drag Raw Sienna ink around card edges.
8. Layer sentiment assemblage onto "spaghetti"
9. Sign your art.

We're looking for YOUR unusual sources of information! Send a picture to us at stampersquest@yahoo.com. Make sure to provide stamp credits and a picture of what inspired you (if available.) YOU could be featured at the Watering Hole.

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  1. Yep this is me today. Thanks for making me a card! Hope you don;t mind sharing.