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My Muse and a Bottle of Epoxy

What inspires you when you’re stuck in an artistic rut? For me, the sources of inspiration are as varied as the colors of nature. I look to arts and craft magazines (especially Stamper’s Quest), to my stash of swap cards and ATCs, and to every book I can get my hands on. I’ve joined clubs, yahoo groups, and art challenges. I take classes, attend workshops (both live and on-line), and even took a part-time job teaching in a scrapbook store.  

A small section of my epoxy bottle inspired table top


Still, sometimes I find myself in the middle of a project with no vision for its completion.  For example, last winter my dear husband brought home an old pine table just the right height for me to stand and craft.  It needed attention, but he knew I could make it work.  It languished in the garage for several months before I made time to strip and sand it and move it to the basement for artistic alteration. Another few weeks passed while I thought about what to do with it. I finally painted it with leftover paint from painting my studio walls and then brushed a pearl finish over the top. And then I was stuck. Really stuck!


tn_sq-logo_edited-1abs copy

I walked by that table every day for WEEKS. I just couldn’t catch a vision for what it could become. By the third Saturday in August, I figured I would never be inspired by it and I wanted to have the work surface usable. I pulled my two-step high gloss epoxy varnish from the workshop and started to read the directions. Wear gloves; work in a ventilated room, etc. Then I read, “if you want to embed dimensional items such as coins…”  Embed? coins?  Suddenly the lights in my head flashed as I recalled the foreign coins collecting dust in my studio. Suddenly the ideas came fast and furious. I had money saved from trips all over the world since high school. I had German marks (East Germany AND West Germany), Kenyan shillings, Danish Kroner, British pounds, Canadian coins of all denominations, Israeli Agorot, and Bulgarian Lev. I had bills from Mexico and Nigeria and Britain and Kenya. Then I looked at my stamp collection; I had no idea I had so many travel-themed stamps.

And so, inspired by a bottle of epoxy varnish, my table began to transform into a work of art. Another few coats of varnish and I’ll have a unique work surface that reflects my love of art and travel. Who knew?

How are you inspired when your Muse is asleep? Each day this week I will share a new card along with what inspired it. If you would like to share how you are inspired, send us an e-mail to stampersquest@yahoo.com. Attach a picture of the card, and the inspiration for it, along with stamp credits. Who knows, maybe your work will become inspiration for others as they visit the Watering Hole!

Awaken your Muse!



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  1. I don't think trying the epoxy on humans would be wise!

  2. Tres Cool!!! What a great idea. The possibilities are limitless. Can this be done to humans? LOL