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Fun with the Cuttlebug, Alcohol Inks and Acetate Card

Acetate and Flashing Tape Card
CuttleBug and Acetate Fun
I've had this idea swirling around in my head for over a week and today seemed the day to try it out and share with you my results.  I've been wanting to play with my Cuttlebug, which I bought a year ago and have used maybe three times. This idea I've had involved the Cuttlebug, an embossing folder, aluminum tape (used for heating and ventilating), and alcohol inks. I also used our exclusive Card Sketch from the Side Trails as my base for the card. Come join me in my studio and follow the steps I used to create this marvelous card for our #2 son's birthday tomorrow!

Wolf/Moon stamp (I Brake for Stamps)
Swirl Stamp (Swirls V:I from Autumn Leaves)
Happy Birthday stamp (Expressions from Hot Off the Press)
1 sheet heat resistant acetate (purchase at any office supply store)
1 sheet of clean text-weight paper
1 piece of 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" cardstock (any color)
1 piece of scrap white cardstock
1 piece of scrap black cardstock
Aluminum Tape used for Heating & Ventilation work (found in any hardware store)
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder - Distressed Stripes (Provo Craft)
Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine (Provo Craft)
Coffee Archival Ink (Ranger)
Adirondack Alcohol Inks:  Latte, Expresso, Red Pepper, Rust, Terra Cotta, Pitch Black (Ranger)
Alcohol Ink Applicator (Ranger)
Jewel Tone Pearlescent Chalking Set (Pebbles, Inc.)
Pastel Chalk Pencils: #4465 Light Blue, #4429 Sanguine, #4473 Light Grey, #4474, Dark Grey  (General's)
Paper Trimmer of choice
Small pair of scissors
Adhesive of choice

  1. Cut the sheet of acetate in half to measure 8-1/2" x 5-1/2". Score in the middle with bone folder. Fold along score line, and set a piece of clean text weight paper over the top and use the bone folder to create a nice, crisp fold line. (Using the paper over the acetate keeps from creating marks on the acetate).
  2. Cut two pieces of aluminum tape long enough to cover the length of the 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" piece of cardstock. Separate the protective backing from the tape (but do not completely pull off or the tape will curl up and stick to itself - don't ask how I know that!!!) and carefully apply to the length of the piece of cardstock - leave some overlap on each end; fold those over and stick to the back. Repeat for the second piece, lining up the edge to the edge of the piece just applied - make sure there is no gap between the two pieces. There will be a little bit of cardstock still exposed, just leave it.
  3. Place the covered cardstock into the Embossing Folder and run through the Cuttlebug.
  4. Take the alcohol ink applicator and apply Latte, Expresso and Rust Alcohol Inks to the pad.  Quickly pounce around on the embossed piece of cardstock. Let dry. Take the alcohol ink bottle and carefully apply drops of the Terra Cotta and Red Pepper randomly to the piece. Make sure the drops are not too large. When dry, repeat with the Pitch Black, but don't use a lot of this color as it is very over-powering. You just want a little bit of accent to make the colors pop.  Set this piece aside.
  5. Stamp the Wolf with the Coffee Archival ink onto the piece of white scrap cardstock. Using the applicator and pom-poms that come with the Pearlescent Chalks, color the image. I used Yellow and Orange for the moon, and a little bit of Green on the trees in the moon. Use the lighter shade of Brown and color in the wolf, then highlight the darker areas with the darker Brown and a little bit of Black here and there. To set the chalks, lightly rub a kleenex over the chalks.
  6. Using the Light Blue Chalk Pencil, color in the eyes and the Sanguine for the mouth. Create a shadow around the left side of the image with the two Grey Chalk Pencils. Lightly rub the kleenex over the image again.
  7. Cut the image out, leaving a portion of the gray showing on the left side of the image. Layer this onto the piece of black scrap cardstock and trim around the image leaving a black border.
  8. Stamp the swirl using the Coffee Archival Ink on the corners of the acetate card. Be careful, as the stamp tends to slide on acetate. You may want to practice on a scrap piece of acetate before doing the actual card.  Set aside to dry. (You can use a heat embossing tool to dry the ink quicker, but a word of caution - don't get the heat tool too close to the acetate or it will warp.)
  9. Trim the piece of embossed and inked cardstock to 5-1/4" x 3-3/4". Cut this in half to 2-5/8" x 3-3/4".
  10. Layer one piece of the embossed/inked cardstock to the front of the card, centering in the middle.  Layer the second piece on the inside of the card, lining it up with the piece on the front side.
  11. Attach 3-D Pop Dots to the back of the wolf and attach to the embossed background piece.
  12. Stamp 'happy birthday' inside the card with the Coffee Archival Ink. Let dry.


    Acetate Card





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  1. Wow, This is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I feel so behind. I don't have a website or a blog but I sure do enjoy everyone else's. Such incredible talents. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

  3. What a cool technique, I'll have to try it next time I have acetate....

    Hugs, Millie

  4. very nice! That wolf is gorgeous